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Leiden - Travel and Tourism Information for Leiden, The Netherlands

Leiden is a University town where the Pilgrims lived before they ventured to Plymouth Rock. You'll find Leiden loaded with important museums. Leiden is 25 mi (40 km) southwest of Amsterdam, and makes a fine day trip.

Leiden Pictures: Monuments and Tourist Attractions in Leiden, the Netherlands
Pictures of Leiden in the Netherlands. Leiden is a fine tourist destination in northwest Holland.

Leiden Tourist Office - VVV Leiden
Official web site of the Leiden Office of Tourism.

Leiden Travel Guide
A concise, guide to the attractions of Leiden, a university city halfway between Amsterdam and The Hague.

Leiden Map
Interactive map of Leiden, Holland.

Leiden Museums
Leiden has the oldest University in Holland, and many museums to visit. Here is an overview of Leiden museums with pictures

Hotel Restaurant Nieuw Minerva - Leiden
Hotel Restaurant Nieuw Minerva is a recommended hotel in Leiden.

Pilgrim Archives - Leiden
The Pilgrims left Leiden for America in the 17th century, fearing the "Dutchification" of their children. The website features an incredible array of information on the Pilgrims in Leiden, as well as information on pilgrim tours and the Pilgrim museum archives in Leiden.

Stedelijk Museum De Lakenhal - Leiden
The Municipal Museum of Leiden houses artifacts of historical interest and paintings of Dutch masters Lucas van Leyden, Jan Steen, and Leiden’s most famous son, Rembrandt

Wireless Leiden
Leiden has almost complete wireless coverage, due to a not for profit group. Free internet? Leiden has it. Read all about wireless Leiden.

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