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European Lodging and Accommodations

There are many accommodation options for staying the night or week in a European city. Lodging possibilities? Camping, hosteling, hotels, self-catered rental houses and apartments, bed and breakfast inns, and even some unusual options like staying in a prison are possible.
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  2. Buying Property (5)
  3. Camping (2)
  4. Cave Houses (5)
  5. European Hotels (11)
  6. Hostel Resources (8)
  7. Hotel Stars (4)
  8. Monastery Stays (6)
  9. Self Catering (11)
  10. Trulli (4)
  11. Unusual Dwellings (14)

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Hosteling in Europe
Our guide to hosteling in Europe--how it started, how it's changed, and what you might need to make your stay an enjoyable one while you save money on lodging.

Venere Hotels and Accomodations in Europe
This is the Europe Hotel booking agent I use most frequently. You can browse hotels and find the top rated ones without entering travel dates, so Venere is a good planning tool, even when you aren't sure of your hotel.

Hotels from Rick Steves Guidebooks
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Trip Advisor Hotel Reviews
The top hotels with reviews from the tripadvisor web site arranged by city.

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