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Kid Friendly Yet Romantic Vacation Rentals in Europe

Why not choose a destination based on where you'll stay?


I got this crazy idea the other day. People have all these ideas of how to pick a destination. Maybe it's romantic. Maybe it's a place the kids will find enjoyable and stay out of mommy and daddy's thinning hair.

Maybe it's both.

Maybe the destination is attached to a vacation rental. Let's say a castle. Who doesn't think a castle is romantic? Besides the hairy guy shackled to the dungeon wall I mean. In any case, you'll find a few ideas for your romantic, kid friendly places to stay below.

I hope these select vacation rentals get you thinking of how your lodging might become an integral part of the whole European vacation experience.

1. Stay in a Castle along the Romantic Road

What's better to keep the kids busy than a moat with colorful fish? It will amuse them for hours. But the adults will like the interiors of these places (be sure to check the tabs on top for all the rental options).

I, on the other hand, am attracted to the part that says, "Tranquillity and the view of the charming landscape past the moat let stressed guests relax quickly."

What's this "Romantic Road" thing? See our Romantic Road Map and Guide.

2. Taormina!

Is there any more romantic place in the world than Taormina, that perfectly situated city in Sicily with the Greek Theater, second in size only to the one in Syracusa? You lovebirds might want to see some opera there while the cool evening breezes waft over you and the view of the sea enchants you. The kids will be happy to hang out by the pool and read Goethe, who wrote about Taormina enthusiastically in his book Italian Journey.

For more on this vacation rental location, see the Taormina Travel Guide.

3. Dragor: Copenhagen, romantic & very special

How about a cottage in a little fishing village outside of Copenhagen? Just 50 meters from the sea! That's romantic, no? Plus you can take the train into Copenhagen if you want a touch of city life. In case you need more, the kitchen is in Provencal style.

4. Modern in Istanbul

You take a 1875 Property, a fine building, gut it and install a clean, modern, and quite functional space to hang out in. And just in case you miss that daily cleaning you get with a hotel, well, not to worry because it comes with this apartment!

So, to sum up, you'll like the cleaning, your kids will like the glass elevator.

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5. Saint Remy di Provence - La Maison du Gecko

One of my favorite towns in Provence, St. Remy is in the heart of Van Gogh country. Stroll to the Roman ruins of Glanum or visit the Saint Paul de Mausole Asylum, where Van Gogh checked himself in and painted furiously.

For more on what you can do in Provence, see: A week in Provence

6. Eiffel Tower Lux

Ok, let's say you take the kids' inheritance and blow it on a Parisian apartment where you all can wallow in luxury with the Eiffel Tower looming in the window. You might never have to leave the apartment. Just look at the amenities: four (!) flat-screen TVs, free Internet access, local telephone usage with free US calling, hi-fi and washer/drier. If the kids still get all restless and squirmy, alas, there is a home gym machine!

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