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Maastricht Guide and Essential Travel Information

Visit the Gastronomic Capital Along the Meuse


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Maastricht Location Map - Location of Maastricht within the Netherlands

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Maastricht Location and Population

Maastricht is located on the Meuse river in the southeastern Netherlands, wedged between Belgium and Germany. The population of Maastricht is about 120,000 people.

Maastricht: Getting There

The airport serving Maastricht is called the Maastricht Aachen Airport, or MAA for short.

Maastricht's central station is convenient to the part of Maastricht that tourists would be interested in. There are convenient connections to all parts of the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. You must buy your tickets at a station window or in ticket machines in the station; you cannot buy a train ticket on the train.

To visit the Netherlands, plus Belgium and Luxemburg, you might consider a Benelux Rail Pass.


Maastricht is considered one of the Gastronomic capitals of the region, having five Michelin-starred restaurants and four within walking distance of each other. You'll also find the (in)famous Limburger cheese here. At one time Maastricht was a leading fine wine producer, but Napoleon pulled up all the vines out of jealousy, it is said. The climate is similar to that of Burgundy.

Maastrict's Gastronomic event is held on the last Sunday of August and the three days preceding it. "Over thirty stands are functioning as a restaurant; beer and soft drinks are available in four large stands, and the live music is played from a permanent open-air stage. This makes the Maastricht Preuvenemint the largest open air restaurant in the world" - Preuvenemint Web Site.

Maastricht Historic Climate and Weather

Maastricht has a moderate climate, and is known as the sunniest city in Holland. For charts of historic high and low temperatures and precitpitation, along with current weather conditions, see Maastricht travel weather.

Maastricht Attractions

Maastricht has a lot to see. You might be surprised, because Maastricht is a bit off the beaten track.

Wander the narrow, winding streets of the medieval center. Go to Bassin, a harbor area loaded with restaurants, see the city walls and the Hoge Fronten, an 17th/18th century bastion and the tunnels underneath. Then head over to the recently renovated Markt (Market square) where you'll find the interesting city hall.

Top Museums:

Bonnefantenmuseum on Avenue Ceramique 250, Open Tuesday through Sunday 11.00 am - 5.00 pm; Mon: closed, except on public holidays. The museum specializes in Old Masters and contemporary art in the province of Limburg.

Natuurhistorisch Museum, De Bosquetplein 7. Maastricht's Natural History Museum demonstrates the geological development of South Limburg, offering displays of fossils and different types of rock. There is also a section showing the regional flora and fauna.

Fun in Hotels

Underground Maastricht Go below Maastricht to the celler of the Derlon Hotel to see how Maastricht was set up in Roman times. You'll see remnants of a piazza, a 3rd century well, part of a pre-Roman cobblestone road as well as sections of a wall and gate. You can stay at the Delon Hotel and eat breakfast in the historic setting.

Kruisherenhotel Maastricht Have Gothic dreams when you stay in the renovated 15th century monastery of the "Crutched Friars" right in downtown Maastricht.

Maastricht Map is a simple iOS app that maps the city's attractions.

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