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Germany's Castle Road Map and Travel Information

From James Martin,
Your Guide to Europe Travel.
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The Castle Road makes a great trip for kids and photographers

Map of Germany's Castle Road © 2004 by James Martin

Germany's castle road is full of German medieval architecture, romantic nooks and crannies, and of course, castles galore. The route, if you follow it from Mannheim all the way to Prague, is 975 km long. There are something like 70 castles and fortresses along the route, as well as some interesting, well-preserved medieval villages.

Castles and Medieval Buildings - What to See Along Germany's Castle Road

Castle Road General Information

Official information on Germany's Castle road can be found at the German Tourism web site. A very nice article about the region and its drives is Driving Germany's Castle Road with Kids by Kathy Koonz. The article combines the route here with some of the Romantic Road, and takes in Mad Ludwig's Neuschwanstein Castle as well.

Bus tour of the Castle Road

Need a tour? Welcome to Germany has one for either the Romantic Road and the Castle Road.

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