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Take a Virtual Tour of the Swiss Alps around the Matterhorn

Learn how you can see the Matterhorn on your European Vacation


The Matterhorn pictures in this gallery were provided by Rachel Cooper, guide to Washington DC.

Rachel writes: "From Zermatt you can take the Gornergrat-Monte Rose Bahn, which is a train trip to view the Matterhorn. It has 5 stops. You can stop at each of them and there are hiking trails at each. We went to the top and stopped at most of them on the way back down. The train runs every 30 minutes. It is an amazing excursion. You go from a summer mountain scene in town to deep snow at the top at the mountain. We thought we would hike more at the top but you really needed snowboots and waterproof pants. The building at the top has hotel rooms, a restaurant and a few gift shops."

In case you're wondering, the pictures here were taken in August of 2007, while I was sweltering in Italy.

For more on visiting the Matterhorn, see our Matterhorn Guide.

Enjoy Rachel's Matterhorn Pictures. Click each picture to see it bigger.

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matterhorn pictureThe Matterhorn and Cloudmountain lake picturePicture of mountain lake and peaks in the Swiss Alps near the Matterhorntrekking, matterhornPicture of trekkers along the Matterhorn trailsAstronomical Observatory GornergratThe Astronomical Observatory at Gornergrat with the Matterhorn Behind
swiss alps pictureClouds shade the peaks of the Swiss Alps near the Matterhornmatterhorn st. bernards pictureSt. Bernards waiting for a rescue opportunity in front of the Matterhornmountain peaks picturePicture of a cloud-shrouded peak in the Swiss alps near the Matterhornmatterhorn peak pictureThe Matterhorn and other peaks in the Swiss Alps
matterhorn picture, gornergrat bahn, matterhorn train picturePicture of the Matterhorn Railway, the Gornergrat BahnGormergrat station picture, matterhorn railwayThe Station at Gornergrat, in the shadow of the Matterhorntrekkers walking, matterhornTrekkers Leave the Station to visit the MatterhornPicture of a mountain lake and peak in the Swiss Alps near the Matterhorn
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