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Monastery Stays - Lodging in European Monastery Guest Houses

Quiet and somewhat austere accommodations can sometimes been found in Europe's monasteries. Don't expect luxury; it's against the spiritual principles of monastic life. Lodging in a monastery can cost less than most hotels, and offers peace, a time for spiritual reflection, and often a medieval atmosphere.

Lodging in Europe's Monasteries - Top Three Guidebooks
Here are three guides to lodging in Monasteries.

France's Monasteries
Here are detailed descriptions of the various monasteries you can stay in France, from Eileen Barish's Monastery Blog.

Mount Saint Bernard Abbey Guest House - Leicester
Interested in the spiritual life lived by a community of Cistercian monks in the heart of England? Here is information on the Abbey guest house.

Abdij Maria Toevlucht - Netherlands
(click on "Guest House") "The abbey offers the possibility of a few days reflection to all who desire this. The new guesthouse has simple single and double rooms at its disposal, both with shower and toilet ensuite."

Abdij Koningshoeven - Netherlands
"We expect our guests to come to us in an atmosphere of silence and contemplation, in order to try to find peace and a deepening of their own lives. Joining the monks during times of prayer is a good framework for this and may be an excellent aid to accomplishing this end. Consequently, our guests are expected to join in the services as often as possible."

Abbey of St Sixtus Guest House - Belgium
40 chambers for men only. Reserve ahead. The Abbey's beer has been voted the best in the world. At time of writing CLOSED for remodel.

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