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Top 4 Guides to Lodging in European Monasteries


Staying in a European monastery can lead to spiritual enlightenment, or it can just be a quiet and often inexpensive place to stay without the usual distractions. Don't expect luxury. Remember, the monastic life doesn't exactly espouse those ideals. Italy and Spain lead Europe in providing monastic accommodations.

1. The Guide to Lodging in Italy's Monasteries, Second Edition

I've used the first edition of this book to find accommodations in Italian Monasteries, and I was extremely pleased at the level of coverage. You'll get pictures, descriptions, and info on local attractions. This edition, the latest, was published in 2006.
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2. The Guide to Lodging in France's Monasteries

The Guide to Lodging in France's Monasteries has historic monasteries, ancient castles, villas and abbeys that welcome visitors of all faiths. Listings include an overview, photos and contact information including web site and email address when available.
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3. Lodging in Spain's Monasteries

Published in 2002, the guide has information on lodging in Spain's monastaries along with prices, history, and guides to nearby attractions.
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4. Europes Monastery and Convent Guesthouses: A Pilgrim's Travel Guide

An encyclopedic reference for the monastery seeker in Europe, including monastic history, information on Gregorian chant, and web resources. Over 450 monasteries represented.
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