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Mont St. Michel Map and Travel Guide

From James Martin,
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How to Visit the Abbey dedicated to the Archangel

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mont st michel map

Mont St. Michel map © 2013 by James Martin, licensed to About.com

Mont St. Michel

On an isolated tidal rock in the gulf of Saint-Malo on the Normandy coast of France sits one of the world's wonders, the Mont St. Michel. Reached by causeway, the lower towers and medieval sea wall protect a small village, capped magnificently by the abbey dedicated to the Archangel Michael.

Getting to Mont St. Michel

By Train: From Paris you can take the TGV to Rennes, about 55 km south of Mont St. Michel. The Kiolis Emeraude bus makes the 75-minute transfer to Mont-St-Michel several times a day.

The train from Rennes takes you as far as Pontorson, 9km from Mont St. Michel. You can take bus #15 to Saint Michel from the station.

By car: From Caen use A84 to Le Mont Saint-Michel. From the A11, Chartres-Lemans-Laval exit at Fougeres and go in the direction of Le Mont Saint-Michel.

There are airports in Rennes and Dinard (Dinard Pleurtuit)

You can see Mont Saint Michel on a day trip from Paris via a coach tour, or take a two day tour of the area through Viator (book direct)

Getting Tickets and Information on Site

Visiting information and ticket prices are found on l'office de tourisme du mont saint michel site.

Where to Stay

Venere offers a list of hotels: Le Mont-Saint-Michel Hotels, France (book direct). If you want to stay in town after the tourists leave, be sure your hotel is actually located on Le Mont-Saint Michel and not just "close" to it.

Mont St. Michel Pictures

See our Mont Saint Michel Picture Gallery.

Nearby Places to Visit

St-Malo in Brittany is a harbor town and walled village named after a Welsh monk called Maclow.

Mont-Dol, near Col-de-Bretagne in Brittany has great 360 degree views of the coastline.

Dinard, across from St. Malo, the premier resort along Brittany's Emerald Coast features a beautiful seacoast and is home to many summer art festivals.

Dinan was featured in the 11th century Bayeax Tapestry and has its own unique architecture. See the castle and its 14th century oval houses.

Mont St. Michel Road Maps - Normandy and Brittany

Michelin France Bretagne (Brittany) Map (Check Prices)

Michelin France France Normandie (Normandy) Map (Check Prices)

Because Mont Saint Michel is on the border, either map covers it. These are the most detailed Michelin maps, and will get you around the countryside of Normandy and Brittany better than a country map.

France Rail Passes

A variety of Rail Passes for France are available (Check Prices).

More Mont St. Michel Information

See our Mont Saint Michel Travel Directory. For local weather and historic climate from a nearby location, see Rennes Travel Weather.

For a map showing the overhead view and the new bridge, see Mont Saint Michel Map.

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