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Munich Beaches

Sand for Sunworshipers in Bavaria's Capital


Munich may be famous for Oktoberfest and skiing, but the Bavarian city also has plenty of beaches for sun worshipers.

1. Kulturstrand

The Culture Beach of Munich may change location every year, but the concept remains the same year after year. Made with 100 tons of sand and dubbed the “biggest moving sandy beach in the world,” Kulturstrand Munich boasts a diverse lineup of musical, theater and cinema programs. This is the place for beach bunnies and cultural snobs to mingle together.

2. Beach 38°

Located in the hip Ostbahnhof neighborhood, Beach 38° is an old industrial complex that received a makeover with sand and heaters. Open year-round, the indoor beach park is a hangout popular among the city's young. And while 40 Euros per hour fee may seem steep, it sure beats what it costs to fly south--and since you can split it with friends, it works out to be quite affordable. 

3. Roberto Beach

Well-maintained and clean, Roberto Beach in Aschheim is right next to a lake, offering plenty of water sports activities in summer. And in winter, you can head inside and have a summery cocktail anyway.

4. Eisbach

While technically not a beach, this unique man-made river deserves a mention. Right by the Haus der Kultur museum, a constant wave is formed, allowing surfers to ride the wave, right in the heart of Munich. You can't sunbathe here, and swimming isn't allowed either, but watching surfers ride the wave will bring back that summer feeling, all year round.

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