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Pictures of Nantes, France

Enjoy our pictures of one of France's most livable cities: Nantes


Nantes was built along the Loire river, at the confluence of the Erdre and the Sèvre rivers. Nantes is the capital of the Pays de la Loire région of northwestern France, and is one of the most desirable places in France to live. Tourists will find an easy going community; the center of Nantes features attractive architecture occupying the space between gardens and waterways. With all the water that comes together at Nantes, there is a variety of water sports that the tourist can participate in, from sailing to kayaking to simply taking a boat cruise down the Erdre river to see it all happening. You can ride along in our virtual tour of Nantes.

And don't forget, all those people flocking here from Paris also want shopping and nightlife, and both are found abundantly in Nantes.

Enjoy our Nantes pictures; click each thumbnail picture to see it larger.

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Chateau de Ducs de Bretagne Picture, nantes franceChateau de Ducs de Bretagne Picturenantes, cathedral, city gate, nantes franceNantes Cathedral and City Gate PictureChateau des Ducs de Bretagne, Le Petit Bacchus, nantes, picture, nantes franceChateau des Ducs de Bretagne, picture taken from the Le Petit Bacchus restaurantbotanical gardens, nantes, france, jardin des plantesPicture of the botanical gardens in Nantes, France.
Japanese Gardens, nantes, nantes pictures, picturePicture of the Japanese gardens on the Ile de Versailles in Nantes, France.nantes picture, st croix church, sainte-croix church, pictureSt. Croix Church Picturenantes picture, france, chateau, nantesPicture of an old wall in Nantes, France.nantes picture, passage pommeraye, nantes francePicture of the lower entrance of the Passage Pommeraye in Nantes, France.
nantes pictures, passage pommeray, francePicture of the inside of the Passage Pommeray in Nantes, Francenantes pictrues, passage pommeraye picture, francePicture of statues in the Passage Pommeraye in Nantes, France.nantes picture, villa, nantes france, river boat picturePicture of folks admiring the villas along the shores of the Erdre Rivernantes picture, sailboat, erdre river, nantes francePicture of a man having fun in a sailboat along the Erdre river in Nantes.
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