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Naples Pictures - A Virtual Tour of Neapolitan Delights


Don't tell anyone, but Naples is one of my favorite cities in Italy. Naples is full of life, which means it's also full of problems. But don't let them stop you; there's lots to discover in Naples.

Here we present some of the scenes in the life of a city that mythically started as Palepolis, born from the womb of the mermaid Partenope. The Ancient Greeks colonized the place and called it Neapolis.

Naples is a layer cake of culture--the historic center of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and new excavations for the subway outside the Castel Nuovo will bring more of the ancient city's origins to light.

Enjoy our Naples pictures. Click each picture to see it full size.

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naples, naples  picture, egg castle picturePicture of Castel dell'Ovo, Egg Castlenaples, naples  picturePicture of Naples' Waterfrontnaples, naples  picturePicture of a waterfront monument, motorcycles and Vesuviusnaples, naples  pictureView of the Naples coastline from Mergellina to Posillipo.
naples, naples  picture, royal palace pictureDetail of the Royal Palacecastle nuovo, naples, naples  picturePicture of Castel Nuovo (New Castle) sometimes called Maschio Angioinonaples, naples  picture, fresco picturePicture of a fresco inside Castel Nuovo showing the Piazza del Plebisitonaples, naples  picturePicture of the entrance to Castel Nuovo, the New Castle of Naples
naples, naples  picturePicture of the view from the Castle Nuovonaples, naples  picturePicture of boys playing soccer in the Galleria Umberto Unonaples, naples  picturePicture of Galleria Umberto in Naplesnaples, naples  picturePicture of Caffe Gambrinus
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