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Naples International Airport Map

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Find your way around Naples International Airport (NAP) in Naples, Italy - Aeroporto Capodichino

Naples Capodichino Airport (NAP) is located about 7.5 kilometers north of the center of Naples, Italy in the Capodichino neighborhood. The airport serves carriers from all over Europe as well as New York in the US. The airport has two terminals. The main terminal, Terminal 1, is located at the center bottom of the map. Here you'll also find shopping, an internet business center and VIIP lounges. You can walk between terminals.

Naples International Airport Location Map

How to Get to and From Naples International Airport

By car: The A56 Tangenziale (the bypass road around the city center) towards takes you right by terminal 1, watch for the "Aeroporto" Exit. There are many car parks along the main entry road with around 1400 spaces available.

By bus: ANM and Alibus shuttle buses make the run between the Airport and the Napoli Centrale Railway Station. Here is a page to find Local connections to the airport.

By Taxi: Taxis are located outside the Arrivals hall. There are fixed rates to various parts of Naples.

Places to Visit from Naples

A popular destination accessible from Naples is the Amalfi Coast. Other things to do in the Campania region include hiking Mt. Vesuvius and visiting the archeological sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Italy Travel has some information on suggested day trips from Naples. Also find travel information from the maps below.

More Area Maps

Amalfi Coast Map

Campania Map

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