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Plage de Tahiti Beach Location Map

From James Martin,
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How to get to Plage de Tahiti near Saint-Tropez, France

Plage de Tahiti is a famous beach near Saint-Tropez featuring glitz, glamor, long stretches of sandy beaches, hot cafes, and plenty of flesh. It is one of the top nude beaches in Europe.

As you can see from the map, you find Plage de Tahiti (Tahiti Beach) on the Baie de Pampelonne (Bay of Pampelonne), across the peninsula from Saint-Tropez. Plage de Tahiti is really the northern section of Pampelonne beach.

Plage de Tahiti Location Map

Tahiti and Pampelonne Beach Notes

Yes, the beaches are lined with bars, cafes and restaurants, but compared to the 70's, when the nudity was more shocking and the beautiful people more plentiful, the scene is a bit subdued. Some have been disappointed; the beaches are generally very clean and the water clear--but the wind can drive the kelp ashore, making walking along the beach an adventure.

St. Tropez Travel Essentials

You'll probably want to stay in Saint-Tropez for your beach holiday. Saint-Tropez is not so easy to get to from other cities in France. If you're in a car you're in luck--sort of. There is no train. Beware that traffic jams in summer are legendary. The rich and famous, who perhaps you've come to see, arrive via yacht, or helicopter ride from Monte Carlo.

Of course, Saint Tropez isn't your budget retreat, despite the fact you don't have to pack a lot of clothing if you're just going to hang out on the beaches. So maybe it's best to rent a villa or vacation home so you can at least feel like you're part of the crowd. There are many available. Check out HomeAway, they list over 2000 places: St. Tropez area vacation rentals.

You can take a taxi to Pampelonne beach from Saint-Tropez, but there are limited numbers of them. Best to visit in the off season on either side of July 10 - August 20.

The Tourism Office of Saint Tropez has an informative Web site.

How to get to Saint Tropez

There are many ways to get to Saint Tropez on public transportation. You can get a map of the route and times/prices: Paris to San Tropez. The train/bus trip will take almost 8 hours.

From Nice, things are easier, of course: Nice to Saint Tropez.

Find more travel information on the area: Check out our travel directory: Saint Tropez Travel Information, see more of the Best Nude Beaches of Europe, or tell us of your Favorite Nude and Topless Beaches of Europe (and see which beaches others have recommended).

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