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Oktoberfest - Octoberfest - Beer Festival in Germany

September and October is time for Oktoberfest, a German beer festival in Munich. Oktoberfest is a world famous celebration of German beer. Resources for attending and planning a trip to Oktorberfest.

Start Planning for Oktoberfest - The Oktoberfest Guide
The definitive guide to Oktoberfest from our guide to Germany Travel. How to get there, how to reserve a table and more.

Oktoberfest - The Official Website
It's the official site and a good one. Find out what a beer will cost, where you'll find it, and more.

Oktoberfest Starts in September
A little history of Oktoberfest and how it's prepared for in Germany.

German Beer Style Guide
If you go--or just want to stock your own celler with German beer--you'll need to know what current beers are being brewed and what they're called. Here's the place to go.

The trouble with German Beer
Yeah, and if you finally learned all the words for the stuff you might as well know that not everyone agrees that German beer is the best, or that the German Beer Purity Law encourages the best in the brewer's art.

Virtual Oktoberfest
If you've got the browser plug-ins and can't be at the real Oktoberfest, why not try the virtual one?

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