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Ostia Antica - Information for Visiting the Ancient Port of Rome

Ostia Antica presents a unique view of a well-preserved port town. Once the ancient port of Rome, Ostia offers the opportunity to see the artifacts of blue collar working life in Roman times.

Ostia Antica Guide
Our illustrated travel guide to Ostia Antica, the ancient port of Rome at the mouth of the Tiber river, will explain the city and what you'll see as well as tell you exactly how to arrive at Ostia from central Rome.

Ostia Antica Pictures
Take a virtual tour of Ostia Antica with our slide show.

Ostia - Harbor of Ancient Rome - Ostia Antica
If you're into the archaeology of Ostia Antica--I mean REALLY into it--here's the site to visit. Loaded with drawings, maps of Ostia Antica, links, ancient texts and articles--you'll be occupied for weeks!

Ostia Antica - An Introduction from Italy Online
A good introductory walk-through of the excavations at Ostia Antica. At the bottom of the page is a couple pictures with artist's renditions of what the buildings would have looked like.

Ostia Antica - Roman Latrines
The highest number of elbows to the ribs suffered by most visitors to Ostia Antica is caused by viewing the public latrines. Here, the Ostia Antica latrines are presented in full-color glory. Now, who's got that sponge?

Ostia Antica Online
Attractive site (in Italian) which has some fine pictures and drawings of Ostia Antica, even if you can't deal with the explanations.

Ostia Antica Photo Archive
100 superb photos of Ostia Antica, many recording details like the motifs in mosaics, by René Seindal.

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