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SeatSnoozer, a Lightweight Way to Keep Your Head Upright in an Airplane Seat

What the Heck is a SeatSnoozer?

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seatsnoozer picture, seat snoozer

SeatSnoozer, tacked to my wall to show you the whole device unfolded

James Martin, Europe Travel

The SeatSnoozer is a lightweight cloth, foam, and nylon strap device meant to stabilize your head so that you can sleep sitting upright. At the same time the SeatSnoozer is anchoring your head, it also shields your eyes from light. The device is anchored by a foam pad held by the pressure of your body against the seat.

The entire device is light and very comfortable to use. It's so light that when the package arrived I immediately ripped into it, thinking that they had actually forgotten to put the SeatSnoozer in there!

You can see the SeatSnoozer unpacked and unrolled in the picture.

It's easy to set up and use, even in one of those cramped airline seats in steerage. You just put on the sleep mask, lean forward, cast the "anchor" behind you (meaning you're putting the nylon strap with the foam "anchor" into place--it should come to rest in the center of your back). Then you just lean back and notice that your head is kept from falling forward by the anchor, which you are clamping to your seat by the weight of your body. If you don't understand these instructions, the site has a video to show you how it all works.

It's comfortable, perhaps more comfortable than you might think.

Can the SeatSnoozer Allow You Some Sleep When You Travel?

If you've read up to now, you're wondering, "Ok, well, I can see how my head is held by the "anchor" to keep it from falling forward, but what about sideways? Is my head going to flop all over until it lands on the shoulder of the weird guy in the center seat?"

Well, here's where some real magic comes in. When your head moves forward, the arc it can describe back and forth (right and left) becomes greater. So, hold it in place front to back and there's a good chance that, even with your muscles relaxed, your head won't move side to side much (if it couldn't move at all it would likely be uncomfortable.

Of course, I haven't tested this with a lot of different kinds of people, but it seemed to work for me. It is more comfortable than it is cool looking, that's for sure.

The SeatSnoozer is inexpensive, and...there's nothing you have to blow up. So, you have very little to lose, not even your breath.

But, Sleeping Upright is Unnatural, Isn't It?

If you've traveled a bit in Europe, and are prone to spending part of your budget on admissions into those kinds of museums where they explain how things were in the "olden times", you've come across some very small beds. "People," the docent will explain, "used to sleep sitting upright."

The reasons for this (rather odd, to us non-believers) behavior vary from the quest for better digestion to the idea that the only people who lie motionless in bed are dead. And hardly anyone wants to be in that group.

Tibetan monks, I've read, sleep upright:

Tibetan monks sleep sitting up. They even have a special "box" to sleep in at night. This lets them fall asleep facing their shrines and contributes to good meditation posture. ~ How to Sleep Sitting Up

Yes, evidently you can learn to sleep sitting up. Perhaps if we would practice, we'd get better at sleeping in planes. Do you know how angry that would make people who didn't have that skill? They'd no doubt talk about us incessantly to their friends. It would start a revolution. People would learn to sleep upright and then, when they had trouble with insomnia, they'd buy plane tickets just to get a good night's sleep. The economy would improve by leaps and bounds. Airplane attendants could sleep, too, because they'd have nothing to do. Everyone would be happy. We'd wake up in exotic places that would hold special secrets for us. It would be like the late 1960s but without hot tubs and peacock feathers.

But alas, we're just at the beginning. Think of the SeatSnoozer as the training wheels on your Nirvana.

Where to get more information

SeatSnoozer has a very informative website. You should go there and read the FAQ and see the pictures and movies. The device is inexpensive enough that you should give it a try. You can even practice with it on any cloth-back chair like your easy chair.

And you know the perfect accessory? The very comfortable iFrogz CS40s headphones that cradle your ears in comfort, keep that ambient drone out, and can put whatever music you want in. See the link below.

So then all you need to do it to get packing! To see how I do it, check out my Packing Tips and, it you're looking for something to sooth that jet lag, see my review of No-Jet-Lag.

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