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Tom Bihn Travel Packing Cubes - Organize Your Stuff!

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Tom Bihn Travel Packing Cube

James Martin

The Bottom Line

There are few products that I've found indispensable over my years of travel. With today's proliferation of electronic travel technology and the cables, dongles, and power bricks that one needs to pack, we all need a method of organizing all that stuff so it doesn't escape into chaos at the moment a battery charge is needed--and the Tom Bihn packing cubes are the best I've found for the task.


  • Packing Cubes are sized to fit Tom Bihn luggage
  • Mesh lets you see what you've packed without opening the cube
  • Travel Packing Cubes have a handy loop for hanging


  • You can't have enough of these


  • Organize your stuff--choose a small, medium or large packing cube.
  • You can stack two packing cubes of the same size.
  • They come in gray or bright yellow. Mine are gray. Get bright yellow if you really need to find the cube quickly.

Guide Review - Tom Bihn Travel Packing Cubes - Organize Your Stuff!

There's really not a lot I can say. They work well. The cubes have a mesh on top so you can see what's in them without searching for the zipper. That's important for me, as I'm constantly asking myself if I've packed something important like my laptop's power brick.

Technology doohickeys and their slimy, evil cable friends top my application for the cubes, but Martha uses one for all those gooey things women slather on daily.

Tom himself seems to pack his striped socks in a travel cube. I wouldn't think of it. There's no reason to keep my clean socks away from my other clean things, and dipping into the suitcase to fish out a pair is one of life's simple pleasures, isn't it?

You can probably find a thousand uses for packing cubes.

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