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Packing Tips - Pack Your Suitcase to Minimize Wrinkles


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Packing Tip II: Roll 'em! Rolling your clothes will help reduce wrinkling.
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Packing Tip II - Roll them up! Rolling your clothing helps keep wrinkles at bay.

James Martin

Here's how my partner Martha packs, and she's darn good at making the clothes wrinkle resistant. Take a shirt, in this case a fairly heavy long sleeve shirt, and lay a tee shirt over it. Then roll them both up together in a fairly tight roll.

In this case we've had to fold the shirts in half lengthwise, because our carry-on bag is fairly narrow, but it'll be ok; vertical creases are more asthetically pleasing--don't ask me why.

The principle here is simple: by rolling our clothes we're creasing them less right from the start. We're creating a radius bend and we expect the fabric to recover from such gentle handling with just a bit of shaking out. It works.

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