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Picture of the Stag Antlers gracing St. Eustache in Paris


st eustache, stag antler picture

St Eustache Antler Picture. St. Eustache was converted to Christianity when he saw a vision of Jesus between a stag's antlers.

St. Eustache Picture © Wanderer's Eye Travel Photography
Legend has it that a Roman general named Placidus was hunting down a stag when he saw Jesus (or a cross) between his prey's antlers. He was converted and changed his name to Eustace, meaning good fortune or fruitful. Ha! His life was a series of Job-like calamities, ending with being roasted to death inside a bronze statue of an ox in 118. Later Eustace became known as a patron saint of hunters.

Rome's Sant'Eustachio church exhibits similar antlers.

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