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Parma Pictures - The Colors of Parma Italy


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Parma in Terra Rossa - Earth Red
Parma picture, Terra Rossa, Wall, smoking man, parma italy

Parma Italy: Terra Rossa Wall and Man Smoking

James Martin
When you travel, do you notice predominent colors? Does it change your mood or your feelings about a place?

The colors of Parma vary between a subdued yellow/brown and this earthy red. The terra rossa color of this wall has been a typical color since ancient times. You can buy this pigment in Italian home furnishing stores to create your own ancient wall paint.

Of course, a photo of a wall itself would make a boring picture. I was thinking about the picture, drawing my camera out of the camera bag, when this man walked by in his white shirt, smoking a cigarette. Perfect. The scene is very near Parma's incredible Babtistry, a section of which we'll explore next.

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