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Wangen, Germany Pictures

Enjoy our pictures of the walled Baden-Württemberg city of Wangen


Just a short drive north of Lake Constance in Germany's Baden-Württemberg region you'll find the walled city of Wangen, Germany. Wangen is a nice little town to stop in for a night or two, impecably clean and tidy, with many cafes, statues and fountains--and if you're not careful the statues may act as fountains at odd moments, drenching you when you least expect it. Wangen has a sense of humor. You can tell from its art and amusements.

So, if you can't find a room you like around Lake Constance, why not head north a little and try Wangen? There are two hotels, one romantically restored, and the other a creaky reminder of days past, when one didn't spend $200 for a place to sleep.

Enjoy our Wangen pictures. Click each picture to see it full size.

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wangen picture, germanyA building in Wangenwangen picture, city gate, painted tower, clockOne of several painted clock towers with city gate in Wangen, GermanyWangen tower pictureAnother picturesque tower and city gate in Wangen, GermanyWangen Picture, Hotel Alte PostRomantic Hotel Alte Post in Wangen, Germany
Hotel Mohren-Post, wangen, germany, picturePicture of Hotel Mohren-Post in Wangen, Germanywangen picture, cafe, town wall, flowersWangen is full of nice places to have a coffee or a beer.wangen picture, fountain, spitting fountain, pictureWatch Out! Those Wangen Fountains featuring drunkards will spit at you!wangen fountain pictureA Wangen bronze statue surprises a tourist by spitting
wangen picture, pigs, bronzeBronze pigs and their master in Wangen, GermanyBücherei, sign, wangen germany, wangen, pictureA Sign in Wangen, Germany
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