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The Wine and Food Lovers Guide to Portugal

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The Wine and Food Lover's Guide to Portugal

James Martin

The Bottom Line

The Wine and Food over's Guide to Portugal is the kind of book that I love to use for planning a trip. It tells you exactly the kinds of things that mature travelers want to know about a place: the most evocative places to eat and sleep, what wines are local and tasty, and where to go if wine is your passion. It's loaded with small pictures and large maps, great for dreaming and planning.
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  • A wonderful guide to Portugal for foodies
  • Well illustrated with lots of maps


  • Hardcover and heavy - not for traveling


  • Food, wine and lodging guide to the best of Portugal, lavishly illustrated.
  • A top guide to the regional wines of Portugal and where you can find them.
  • The Wine and Food over's Guide to Portugal is slick, glossy, and probably heavier than the light packer will want to pack.

Guide Review - The Wine and Food Lovers Guide to Portugal

If you travel because the food and wine of a place is important to you, I can tell you that I know of no other book that does such a good job of conveying this information to you for the country of Portugal.

Charles Metcalfe and Kathryn McWhirter are obviously frequent travelers to Portugal, and, equally obvious is their passion for the task at hand.

The Wine and Food over's Guide to Portugal is both personal and occasionally encyclopedic. There are lists of cheeses and regional wines with concise descriptions. There are pictures of almost every recommended place to stay, along with its relation to wines and the fine food of Portugal.

I highly recommend this guide for planning a trip to Portugal. You don't have to be interested in wine--but you'll have to make do with the idea of living well on your vacation.

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