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What is a Pousada? The Pousadas of Portugal


Pousada de Sao Francisco Portugal picture

Pousada of Portugal Picture: Entrance to Pousada de Sao Francisco in Beja, Portugal

James Martin
Definition: A Pousada is a type of exclusive and often historic hotel located throughout Portugal. There are currently over 40 pousadas in Portugal.

Characteristics of a Pousada in Portugal

Each pousada has its own restaurant serving regional and local cuisine as wines--as well as some international favorites.

Pousadas were once owned and operated entirely by the government. in 2003, shares in the organization were transferred to a private group which manages some of the Pousadas, increasing the efficiency of management.

Pousadas have been divided into groups so that you might choose your pousada by its theme:

  • Historic Pousadas are located in historical buildings, castles, convents, fortresses and palaces.
  • Historic Design Pousadas are historical pousadas whose architecture had been modified by distinguished architects.
  • Charm Pousadas have lots of...charm.
  • Nature Pousadas are located in areas of immense natural beauty in Portugal.

There is a high level of service in a pousada. You should feel free to call on the staff for restaurant or touring suggestions, and should be able to call upon them for your transportation needs. I have found them very helpful in getting the most out of a destination in Portugal.

While pousadas are generally expensive, special offers make them a reasonable choice for luxury accommodations. Guests over 60 years of age, for example, can save money on a Sunday to Thursday stay, and longer stays get discounted as well. Check the Pousadas de Portugal website for last minute and other special offers

Also Known As: Historic Hotels
Common Misspellings: pusada, posada

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