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Avignon Pictures - A Virtual Tour of Avignon Places to Visit

Avignon is a UNESCO World Heritage Destination in France


Avignon is a walled city in southern France's Provence region. Avignon is also considered the capital of the famous Cote du Rhone wine region. Avignon is reached easily by fast TGV train from Paris.

The main attractions in Avignon are the 14th century Palace of the Popes and the 12th century Avignon Bridge, called the Saint-Benezet bridge after the young shepherd who heard divine voices instructing him to construct it. Both are UNESCO world heritage sites.

The office of tourism is at 41 cours Jean Jaures, the street that leads into the medieval city from the main (not TGV) train station. They can set you up with an Avignon Pass, which is free and allows for discount entrances to Avignon attractions after you pay full price for the first one (we entered the small archaeological museum for €2, and received €2 discount on the Palace of the Popes).

Enjoy our Avignon Pictures. Click each to see the picture full size.

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  1. Avignon Picture: Palace of the Popes - EntranceAvignon, popes palace, picture, france, avignon popes palace picture
  2. Avignon Picture: Benedict XII Cloister inside the Palace of the Popesavignon picture
  3. Avignon Picture: North section of the Palace of the Pope - Notre Dame des Doms avignon, france, popes palace, picture, abignon picture
  4. Avignon Picture: Detail of the View from the Cloister of the Palace of the Popesavignon picture, popes palace
  5. View from the Palace of the Pope showing the Saint Andre Fortavignon, pictures, popes palace, view
  6. The 12th Century Avignon BridgeAvignon bridge picture
  7. The 12th Century Avignon Bridgeavignon bridge picture, avignon bridge
  8. The Clock in the Avignon Place de L'Horloge - watch it at noonavignon picture, avignon clock
  9. The Avignon Opera Theater and Sculptureavignon theater picture
  10. Avignon's Medieval walls and a piece of art having a picnicavignon, picture, walls, sculpture, avignon picture
  11. In Avignon, if you don't have windows, you paint them inavignon picture, windows
  12. Picture of the view from the Palace of the Popesavignon picture, popes palace, view
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