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Daphne Inn - Rome Bed and Breakfast Review

The Daphne Inn, Rome - Personal Service, Quiet Nights

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daphne inn hotel room

A room at the Daphne Inn in Rome.

James Martin
The Daphne Inn offers suprisingly affordable lodging in the heart of old Rome combined with personal service designed to make your stay in Rome an extremely pleasant one. Armed with the staff's sage advice and a cell phone pre-programmed with important numbers, you'll tour Rome like the Eternal City is your second home--even if you've never been there before.

The Daphne Inn - Location

Carved out of two apartment houses near the Piazza Barbarini in central Rome, both Daphne Inn locations (Daphne Inn Veneto and Daphne Inn Trevi) are near the Barbarini metro stop. The Piazza Barbarini is a major square in Rome featuring many stores, all services and a taxi stand as well as a metro stop. We managed to walk to the Daphne from Termini station, not recommended if you have a lot of luggage.

What Sets the Daphne Inn apart from other Rome Hotels?

daphne inn breakfast room

Daphne Inn Breakfast Room

James Martin

Let's see, there's the double-paned glass for starters--except in the front where the glass is triple-paned. The Daphne Inn is quiet. All rooms are heated and air conditioned. The beds are extremely comfortable, featuring Simmons Mattresses and luxurious pillows. There are computers with broadband connections all over the place, free for guests' use. You can get American coffee if you crave such things. The Daphne has a non-smoking policy.

Rome can be hot in the summer. Even when it's not brutally hot, it seldom cools off much at night. This is the reason why August in Rome isn't high season like it is everywhere else. But at the Daphne, you can always retreat to your air conditioned room when you get overheated. Or, you can get the extremely helpful and friendly staff to suggest quiet and cool streets to stroll in the heat of the afternoon like we did.

So What's All This About Personal Service?

The Daphne Inn's owners, Elyssa and Alessandro, are from Florida and Rome respectively. Both have worked extensively in the hotel industry. Their dream of working in a place where they could convey their passion for Rome and Roman life to visitors in a comfortable, reasonably-priced hotel could only be realized by taking action. So they bought some property and turned it into the Daphne.

The addition of a staff that shared their passion makes it all work. These people know their stuff. They'll sit you down with a map of Rome and in minutes--or longer if you're a marathon traveler--you'll be walking away with a personalized walking tour of Rome, not just of the famous monuments everybody knows, but of the best places to stop for coffee or gelato as well. There's more to Roman life than staring quizzically at busted statuary.

If you want, they'll give you a cell phone programmed with helpful numbers, including theirs. Get lost? Ring them up. Want to call home? You can do that, too, and you'll only be charged what the telephone company charges them. You'll feel like a native in no time, especially if you can get someone to call you up during a quiet visit to one of Rome's many churches.

Daphne Inn - The Bottom Line

Maybe you can tell; I really like this place. First off, you don't just have a bunch of hotel rooms lined up like prison cells; the Daphne has been fitted elegantly inside typical Roman buildings. You might meet your neighbors in the pleasant common areas, just as if you were living in an apartment building. Also, the Daphne offers a variety of room choices--you can get a room with shared bath, a room with a bath outside the room but private, or a room with in-suite bath. Prices are adjusted accordingly, meaning that you can get all this elegance and personal services for a song--or what passes for one in expensive Rome anyway. But even the high season rates of the most expensive rooms at the Daphne represent an exceptional value for the weary traveler to one of the worlds most fascinating cities.

Oh, and the breakfast buffet is great, too.

An elegant, quiet room in Rome for between 70 and 160 Euros per night for a double? Don't pass this one up, especially if it's your first time to Rome. If you're on that dividing line between independent travel and a tour, the services of the Daphne Inn might tip you toward the freedom of independent travel--and that's a good thing that'll probably save you money in the long run.

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