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Delfshaven Pictures - Pilgrim Church and Brewery Pictures

Travel to the Port from which the Pilgrims left Holland


The Delfshaven section of Rotterdam, a ways from the city center, is where the Pilgrims last prayed before leaving for America in the Speedwell; then, finding it not seaworthy, they crowded into the tiny Mayflower.

What's in Delfshaven? As you'll see in our Delfshaven pictures, you can visit the Pelgrimskerk or Pilgrim's church, where the Pilgrims last prayed on European soil, and you can head over to Delfshaven's Stadsbrouwerij de Pelgrim, or Pilgrim's Brewery for a cold one. It's also a fascinating old port to explore.

Thanks to Peter Melville for supplying the information in the annotations of these photos, and to Mirjam Pronk, who took the pictures.

Enjoy the Delfshaven pictures. Click each thumbnail to see each picture full size.

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delfshaven, pilgrims, church, picturesDelfshaven Picture: The facade of the Pilgrim Churchdelfshaven picture, church, pilgrimsDelfshaven Picture: The central interior of the Pilgrim Churchdelfshaven pictures, pilgrims, church, stained glass windowDelfshaven Picture: Pilgrim Church Stained Glass Windowdelfshaven church, pictures, stained glass windowDelfshaven: Pilgrim Church Stained Glass Window Picture
delfshaven, church, interior, picturesDelfshaven Picture: Pilgrim Church Interiordelfshaven pictures, plaqueDelfshaven Pictrue: Pilgrim Church Plaquedelfshaven, pilgrims, brewery, picturesDelfshaven Picture: Window over the entrance to the Pilgrim BreweryDelfshaven, picture, church, mastDelfshaven Picture: Pilgrim Church frontal view with ship's mast
delfshaven, church, pictureDelfshaven Picture: Pilgrim Church front view with rigging
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