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Schist Villages of Portugal | Aldeias do Xisto

Central Portugal's Schist Villages are being restored and opened for tourism. Schist, an easily split metamorphic rock, is used extensively as a building material in these traditional villages; the network of villages is being repopulated with craftspeople who can demonstrate and sell their handicrafts to tourists, who enjoy the spectacular countryside and restored inns.

The Best Mountain Biking in Portugal - Schist Villages Biking
Mountain biking in Portugal--is the best mountain biking near the Schist Villages of central Portugal? Locals tell me the pros come here not only to practice mountain biking skills, but for the sheer fun of hitting the scenic trails and the new biking facilities in the Schist Villages.

Portuguese Cuisine - Food of the Schist Villages of Central Portugal
Portuguese food, specifically the food of central Portugal's Schist Villages is represented in pictures and discussed.

Aldieas do Xisto - The Schist Villages Official Page
The official page of the Schist Villages in Portugal can be viewed in English (look for the EN tab at the top). There's an interactive map of the villages and lots of suggestions for what to do.

Go Outdoor
Planning a trip to the Schist Villages? Let the folks at Go Outdoor help you plan. You can hire a guide, rent mountain bikes, and go on kayaking trips to make your vacation in the Schist Villages an active one.

Schist Walking Trails
The Slate or Xisto Villages’ network is implementing a set of Schist Walking Trails. The following trails have already been opened: Martim Branco, Benfeita, the accessible path of Gondramaz, Foz do Cobrão, Fajão, Casal de S. Simão, Villages of Góis and Água Formosa.

Janeiro de Cima - A Village in the Schist Villages Network
This Globosapiens travel report by Carla will give you a good idea of what visiting one of the villages of the Schist network is like.

The Serra do Açor and Piodão
What to expect on a walk in the mountains of the Serra do Açor, along with pictures of the schist village of Piodão

The hidden villages in the heart of Portugal
A wonderful account of coming across the Schist villages by Alison Jones

Casal de São Simão Story
Find out how one of the villages, Casal de São Simão, was transformed into a modern, yet traditional, Schist Village.

Find out the geological characteristics of schist and why it can be used to make structures like the houses and buildings of the Schist Villages.

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