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Pictures of Schwetzingen Germany

Take a Virtual Tour of Pictures of Schwetzingen's Palace and Royal Gardens


Schwetzingen, Germany is a mere 10 km from Heidelberg, on Germany's Castle road, making a day trip a rather easy affair. Why go to Schwetzingen? There's a huge and rather pinkish orange palace with 180 acres of formal gardens. Built in the 1300's as a fortress, the palace was converted into a hunting lodge in the 1500's and then into a summer residence. Now the palace and gardens are open to the public and are worth a visit.

We visited in early April, when the trees were in full bloom, as you can see from the pictures. The gardens include a Mosque and various temples you can see in the pictures.

Enjoy our Schwetzingen pictures. Click each thumbnail picture to see it larger. Below the pictures, you'll find more information on visiting Schwetzingen.

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 schwetzingen pictureThe Facade of Schwetzingen Palaceschwetzingen picturePicture of a corner of the Garden Mosque in Schwetzingen Palaceschwetzingen picturePicture of a pair of windows at Schwetzingen Palaceschwetzingen picturePicture of Schwetzigen Palece and the Baroque Gardens Just Outside
schwetzingen picturePicture of Schwetzingen Palace and a Golden Statue in Early April schwetzingen picturePicture of Flowering Trees in April at the Schwetzingen Palaceschwetzingen picturePictures of Trees and Deep Blue Sky in the Palace garden in Schwetzingen schwetzingen pictureView of the Temple of Apollo
 schwetzingen picturePicture of the Temple of Apollo in the Gardens of the Palaceschwetzingen picturePicture of a Passage in the Mosque Gardensschwetzingen picturePicture of the Downtown District of Schwetzingenschwetzingen picturePicture of a Cafe outside the Gates of Schwetzingen Palace
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