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European Sexuality and Nudism in Europe

Information on European sexuality, access to birth control and sexual health information, nude beaches, nudism and naturism in Europe.
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Our Readers Favorite Nude Beaches
See what our readers think are western Europe's top nude beaches. The best nude and topless beaches in Europe are in your hands.

Nudism and Naturism in Austria
Resources for the tourist to visit naturism parks and nude beaches in Austria. Nudism and FKK in Austria.

Condom Capers -- Condoms, Cathedrals, Castles and Caves
Travel in search of the ancient condom: from souvenir condoms to the haunted site of the world's oldest excavated condom, to a paleolithic cave depicting condom use (or so they say), we have the routes and information.

Europe's Romanesque Churches and Sexual Images
How observant are you when you travel Europe? Do you gloss over the details when you visit a famous cathederal? Well, you might want to be more careful. Fantastic sexual and grotesque images are found on Romanesque churches all over Europe, but especially along the pilgrimage routes to Santiago de Compostela.

Janet Jackson's Breast and European Sexual Attitudes
It's not uncommon to find women exposing their breasts to the sun's eager rays on a European public beach. How does this contrast with US attitudes toward sexuality? Did you know that you can take a study tour to learn about European approaches to adolescent sexual behavior, or that there's a place in Amsterdam where you can pull up a chair and...

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