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European Sexuality Resources

Sex and Sexuality resources including legal issues, European sexual attitudes, guides to adult entertainment and other issues that pertain to sexuality in Western Europe.

Amsterdam Sex Clubs
Reviewed sex clubs and shops in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam XXX - Amsterdam's Red Light District
From the red light district to cannabis cafes to general travel info this attractive, fast-loading site offers great value for the tourist to Amsterdam.

Jane's Adult Regional Travel Guide
Find websites about adult entertainment and clubs all over the world. (Adults-only website)

British Sex Laws
An extensive review of what's legally sexual in the UK, in simple and in depth versions from the Sexual Freedom Coalition.

Should Prostitution be Legal?
Interesting article from a European perspective where the opinions are far more diverse than in the U.S. The sidebar along the left has information on the legality of prostitution in many European countries.

Teens & Sex in Europe
Teens & Sex in Europe: A Story of Rights, Respect & Responsibility outlines the differences between how teen sexuality is treated in Europe and the US, providing low abortion rates, far fewer teen births and instances of AIDS. A 15 minute video is available. You can sign up for a yearly study tour: European Approaches to Adolescent Sexual Behavior & Responsibility.

World Sex Guide
Enormous guide to sex and adult entertainment around the world. Forums, reports, photos since 1994.

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