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Europe's Best Secondhand Boutiques

How to Find Vintage Clothing in Europe


Vintage clothes never went out of fashion, but secondhand clothing is costume de rigeur especially now. Europe takes its secondhand shops seriously, and there are many notable ones. Here are four top shops that visitors to Europe should try to visit, if not for the shopping, at least for the experience.

  1. Réciproque
    88-101 rue de la Pompe, Paris 
    In the chic 16th District, this luxury consignment store has vintage Hermes, Chanel, Prada and other labels that make most other department stores run for their money. 
  2. Garage
    Ahornstr. 2, Berlin
    This Berlin store is an unpretentious underground space that reflects the city's down-to-earth vibe. You may spot some luxury brands, but they'll cost the same as someone's grandma's dress: 15 EUR per kilo, no matter what. This is where the German capital's fashionistas pass through regularly.
  3. Stadsmission
    Stortorget 3 (and multiple other locations), Stockholm
    Trend-conscious Stockholmers take their secondhand stuff seriously, and this non-profit shop is a great place not only for clothing but also quirky home accessories.
  4. Vet'Shop
    16 rue des Etuves, Geneva
    Run by the Swiss Red Cross, Vet'Shop has four locations in the city, but this one on rue des Etuves is the most carefully selected vintage-only shop. When you walk in to this charming boutique, you won't believe this is a secondhand shop.

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