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Pictures of Ragusa, Sicily

Ragusa's Ibla, or old town, is one of the top tourist attractions in Sicily


Once you've climbed the hill from Ragusa's "new" town, Ragusa Ibla is pretty much guaranteed to charm you.

Ragusa Ibla was the old town that had to be rebuilt after an earthquake in 1693, which is why the architecture in the Ibla is mainly made up of Baroque and Neo-Classical styles, as you can see in the pictures.

One of my favorite pastimes in Ragusa is to look up at the corbels supporting the balconies. Many are decorated with grotesque figures and masks.

Ragusa is a fascinating place to visit, and the towns around it, if you have a car, are very interesting as well. These villages include Modica and Scicli.

Enjoy our Ragusa pictures. Click each picture to see if full size. If you are charmed, then look to Italy Travel's Ragusa Sicily Travel Guide for more.

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ragusa picture, ibla pictureThe hill that makes up the Ragusa Ibla, the old townragusa pictureHere is a picture of Ragusa Ibla after a stormragusa pictureView of Ragusa Ibla from the main roadragusa picturePicture of Ragusa's Chiesa Anime del Purgatorio and the Ibla
ragusa picturePicture of People Going to Church in Ragusa, Sicilyragusa picture, ragusa duomoThe Spiritual Center of Ragusa, the Basilica di San Giorgio ragusa picturePicture of the Duomo in Ragusa, Sicily taken at night.ragusa picture, ragusa night pictureRagusa Ibla at night, picture taken from above
ragusa pictureRagusa has a tradition of carved corbels supporting the balconiesragusa picturePicture of San Vincenzo Ferreri Churchragusa picturePicture of Santa Maria dell'Idria Church in Ragusa, Sicily.ragusa picturePicture of a Wall and Picture in Ragusa Ibla
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