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European Theme Travel, Festivals and Tours - What to do in Europe

You can be an independent traveler or go on a tour, but perhaps there are other options you'd like to consider. Perhaps you'd like to take a cooking school vacation, or volunteer on an archaeological excavation. Maybe you'd like to tour an auto museum or take a Parisian sewer tour.
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Best Lakes to Visit in Europe | European Lakes
Sure, everyone thinks of the Mediterranean Sea when they think of a watery vacation, but Europe's lakes are also quite compelling places to visit. There are lakes around which prehistoric folks mined salt, lakes with monastic islands, and lakes for bird and opera watching. Here's our survey of the most interesting lakes in Europe.

Free Things to Do in Europe
Over the years as a travel writer I've come to realize that the two groups who get the most out of Europe are the starving students and the older crowd who've been to Europe many times. What do these two groups have in common? Museums. Yes, the starving students can't pay to visit them and the folks who've been to Europe many times have seen...

experiential travel
Passive travel is out. Why not try to experience Europe? Experiential travel involves social interaction with artists, cooks, and the people you meet on the street and in the cafes and marketplaces.

A Tale of Two River Deltas: The Po Delta and the Camargue
Visiting a major river delta like that of the Rhone river in France or the Po river in Italy are perfect for bird watchers, walkers, wildlife enthusiasts, and foodies.

Europe in September - Is It the Best Month to Travel?
September is shoulder season. If you're planning your European vacation in September you'll find fewer tourists, lower prices, and decent weather on the continent. Here we present the major festivals and events for September as well as the high and low average temperatures for select tourist destinations in Europe to help you plan a September vacation.

November in Europe
November in Europe starts the off season, temperatures have dropped, flights are cheaper, tourists are sparse. Tips from planning a European vacation in November.

Beat the Summer Heat: Cool Things to Do on Your European Vacation
Europe is hot in the summer, but there are interesting ways to escape the heat, you can go underground, head north, or search out painted caves.

All About the Pigeons of Europe
Sure, pigeons are everywhere. It might seem like there's a plague of them, but they've been around for thousands of years and are so prized that folks have built them fine homes and created many dishes from them that folks like to eat. Join us for an examination of the pigeon in Europe, from food to architecture.

October in Europe - Festivals and Other Things to Do in Europe
October is my favorite time to visit Europe. Our list of things to do will show you why.

European Castles and Palaces You've Probably Never Heard Of
Suggestions for visiting the lesser known castles of Western Europe, an illustrated guide to compelling clusters of grand architecture.

Top 10 Western European Travelogues
Enjoy a tour of Western Europe without leaving home. These travelogues and travel books take the reader on adventures in many European countries. If you're thinking of a trip to Europe, wishing you were there, or just enjoy being an armchair traveler, there is sure to be a book here for you.

Customize Your European Vacation - Make Your Own Independent Tours
How to find a tour guide to customize your European vacation. Hire guides and create custom tours on your independent vacation to Europe.

Public Relations - Media Opportunities - Europe for Visitors
Information for public relations professionals concerning Europe for Visitors media opportunities.

Languages for the Tourist - Going to Language School in Europe
What's it like to go to language school in Europe? Here are my experiences, and they were all good ones.

Romantic Europe - Solitude and Luxury in Sexy Places
Looking for Romance in your European travels? We have some suggestions.

Volunteering in Europe - A guide to Volunteer Success
What does it take to be a good volunteer on a project that will expand your horizons? We have some tips.

Wine Harvests in Europe - Working and Volunteering in the Vineyards
It's not easy to work the wine harvest in Europe unless you know someone. Here are some leads to volunteering and working in European vineyards.

Favorite European Gardens
European gardens have enjoyed quite an evolution over the times, sometimes formal, sometimes imitating the informal tangle of nature. Then there are vegetable gardens, found everywhere food can be grown. There are gardens, like Monet's at Giverny, which have achieved a fame among the traveling public for many years. Here is a list of our...

Best Food Markets in Europe
Best food markets in Europe? Our readers respond with their favorite covered and open air markets.

Your Favorite European Gardens
Gardens in Europe have become an art form. Many visitors come to Europe to visit botanical and formal gardens, even flower gardens. What's your favorite garden?See submissions

Rural Europe: Exploring the European Counntryside
You might be surprised at what awaits you in rural Europe. Visitors attracted to Italy's Cinque Terre via a recommendation by Rick Steves often cite the rural experience that made their vacations special; they come home enamored with the local friendliness, the good food at small, local restaurants as well as the frequent home-town festivals and...

Best of Rural Europe - Readers Favorite Rural Places
What's your favorite rural travel destination in western Europe?

Experiential Travel - Where to Go to Participate in Historical Activities

Most of us just gawk at archaeological prehistoric and historic sites when we travel to Europe. But today there are options to roll up your sleeves and participate in activities from the past. Here are some places where you can go with your kids to make history come alive.

Best Regions of Europe for Eating and Drinking
Do you plan your European vacations around food? In some way, Europe's top regions for travelers are also tops in the food and wine department. In fact, it seems like foodie Europe starts with the production of wine and beer, and the enjoyment of good food and regional cooking styles follow. Below you'll find my picks for the regions of...

Your Favorite Culinary Region in Europe
Tell us about your favorite culinary region in Europe. The places you'd tell foodies to go to.

public squares europe
Europe has some of the grandest, largest and best public squares around, from the monumental "drawing room of Europe" that is the Piazza San Marco in Venice, to the diminutive medieval market square in Mirepoix, France, there's a square just waiting for you to take a rest from tourism, have a coffee or something stronger, and take in the people and the atmosphere of a place.

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