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Strasbourg Pictures - Travel Photography of Strasbourg, France

Travel to this cosmopolitan city that straddles France and Germany in Alsace.


Strasbourg sits at the confluence of the Bruche and Ill rivers in Eastern France, hear the Rhine. In some ways, the river city exemplifies the best of the French and German influences that have come together in this European city in Alsace.

There's lots to visit in Strasbourg. Get a Strasbourg Pass and see the museums and cultural sites. Walk up to the top of Notre Dame Cathedral and get a view down to the rooftops of old Strasbourg; step inside and see the fascinating mechanical astronomic clock when it strikes the hour. Take a boat trip to see the city from its system of canals. Stroll old Strasbourg and take in the details of the half-timbered houses that line the narrow streets--they were quite portable in the old days!

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Strasbourg pictures, half timbered house, franceStrasbourg Picture: Old Half Timbered House in Strasbourgstrasbourg picture, carving, timbers, franceStrasbourg Picture: Detail of Carved Beams on Half Timbered Housestrasbourg pictures, carved beams, flowersStrasbourg Picture: Flower boxes and a carved beam typical of Strasbourg.strasbourg pictures, restaurantStrasbourg Picture: The old customs house.
strasbourg picture, leaded window, franceStrasbourg Picture: A Leaded Glass Window in the Alsatian Museumstrasbourg picture, european parliament buildingStrasbourg Picture: European Union Parliament Building.strasbourg pictures, restaurantStrasbourg Picture: An Alsaciene restaurant window still lifestrasbourg picture, half timbered housesStrasbourg Pictures: Half Timbered Houses in Evening Mist
strasbourg picture, tower, canal, franceStrasbourg Picture: the Les Ponts Couverts area.strasbourg picture, naviscope, museumStrasbourg Picture: The Alsace NaviscopeStrasbourg picture, canalStrasbourg Picture: Canal Viewstrasbourg pictures, restaurantStrasbourg Picture: My Favorite Restaurant in Place Gutenberg
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