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Suggested Travel Itineraries in Europe - European Travel Planning

Suggested travel itineraries for Western Europe. Here are some suggested itineraries for your European vacation. Follow our recommended itineraries, or modify them to suit your own tastes.
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Suggested Itinerary Northern Europe
Map of a suggested Itinerary in northern Europe covering 5 countries: London,Lille France, Belgium, Holland and Cologne, Germany.

Suggested Europe Itinerary - Venice - Vienna - Prague - Nuremberg
Follow a suggested itinerary that links western Europe to eastern Europe. The scenery is spectacular and the cities along the way are compelling places to stop and linger.

Suggested Itinerary - Amsterdam to Italy
Our suggested travel itinerary takes you from Amsterdam, through the best of Germany, Switzerland and Northern Italy's Lake Region. See it all on our travel itinerary map.

A Mediterranean Itinerary - Vacation Travel Planning for the Med
A Mediteranean Travel Itinerary that covers the Mediterrranean coasts of Spain, France, and Italy, the best of the Med. You can travel on this itinerary by train or car.

Scandinavia Suggested Itinerary
Here is an itinerary you can do in a couple of weeks, covering the capitals of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland with some pretty darn nice scenery in between. Map and transportation in formation for seeing the best of Scandinavia by rail, car or ferry.

Island Vacations: Western Europe's Largest Islands
Thinking of an island vacation? Here are the largest islands of western Europe you can visit, including a couple that will surprise you, from volcanic islands to remote Arctic outposts. You can plan an itinerary around many of them, getting between islands by ferry.

Suggested Itinerary: Walking Tour of Pisa
One of our suggested itineraries covered on foot, a walking tour of Pisa. It's more than the leaning tower, you know.

Suggested Itinerary: Walking in the footsteps of Saint Francis
This suggested itinerary takes you to places around Assisi where St. Francis is likely to have tread.

Suggested Travel Itinerary - 2 Weeks in Italy
What to do with 2 weeks in Italy? This travel itinerary takes you to the high points and balances cities with the country life.

Suggested Itinerary: Three Days in Rome
Going to Rome for only a short time? This suggested Rome Itinerary hits the highlights of Italy's capital.

Suggested Itinerary - Berlin Walking Tour
Here's a one day walking itinerary for Berlin, Germany.

Suggested London Itinerary: Long Weekend
You can't see much of London in a few days, but if you really squeeze it in, you can do it on a very long weekend. Try this 5 day long weekend London travel itinerary.

Provence to Tuscany Road Trip
Take a cross-cultural road trip with this suggested itinerary between Europe's two most popular regions, Provence in France and Tuscany in Italy. Take as long as you like, but if you don't take at least two weeks you'll kick yourself for not asking for more vacation time!

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