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Driving Distances in Switzerland

From James Martin,
Your Guide to Europe Travel.
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Distance Calculator Tells You The Distance Between Tourist Cities in Switzerland

Scroll down to the cities you need to find out the distances between and the calculator will tell you how far apart they are in kilometers and miles.

Starting City:
Destination City:
Distance (kilometres):
Distance (Miles):

switzerland distance map

Traffic Rules for Switzerland

Maximum Speed: green signs indicating motorways (which require a vignette, see below) 120km/h, motor roads, 100km/h, country roads 50 km/h and generally 50km/h within town limits.

Vignette - Like neighboring Austria (see: Vignette Austria - The Austria Road Tax and Toll Sticker, which includes a picture of a Swiss version), Switzerland requires a vignette, a sticker you place on your windshield noting that you've paid a tax or yearly toll for riding on the high speed motorways of Switzerland. You purchase a vignette at customs offices, post offices, gas stations, and in many stores near the Swiss Border. They are valid for a calendar year.

Blood Alcohol Limits - the legal blood alcohol limit in Switzerland is 50mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood, or 0.05%.

You must use your seat belts, front and rear.

Emergency Telephone numbers - road and traffic conditions can be accessed by dialling 163. If you need road assistance, you can dial 117, which is also the police emergency number. For an ambulance call 144 toll free.

Travel Tips for Driving in Switzerland

Travelers coming or going to Italy will have two options for passing over the alps, the Gotthard Pass (the high road), or the Gotthard tunnel. The tunnel is free and is usually the fastest way to go, but smelly and dark. The pass, when driven over in good weather, is actually a beautiful, scenic drive. Do it if you've got the time. See our Gotthard Pass Guide.

Watch out for radar speed traps. Snow chains must be carried everywhere in Switzerland during winter.

Other Driving Distances and Distance Maps

More Switzerland Travel Information:

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