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Zug, Switzerland Travel Planner


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Zug, Switzerland at a Glance
zug street scene picture

A street in the historic center of Zug

James Martin, Europe Travel

Zug is a lakeside city in Switzerland; it's also the name of the Swiss canton in which it resides. Zug stands at 425 meters above sea level

Zug is famous for turning around its economy by lowering taxes on corporations. Thus, on the outskirts of Zug you'll find many corporate buildings, some of them mere offices to take advantage of the tax situation. But the area of the old town on the shores of Lake Zug remains a historic area where charm is in abundant supply. Zug has about 23,000 inhabitants.

If you want to vacation in a charming spot on a lake surrounded by mountains, where relaxation is the key, Zug might be just the place; it's known for its sunsets.

The historical center's streets spill toward the lake shore; they come together to form a large public area on the waterfront, surrounded by trees, cafes and restaurants--and an open-air aviary filled with exotic birds.

It's easy to get to and around Zug. While we took a car and were only mildly prone to getting lost, Zug has a "designer" railway station with light installations by James Durell, offering easy connections to Zurich, Cham, and south to Italy. Zug is also a hub for water transportation on the lake.

Follow along to see the dramatic entrance to the city.

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