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Top Switzerland Travel Guidebooks - Guides to Switzerland


Switzerland is a country which can be enjoyed all year around. From Skiing in Switzerland's legendary alps to enjoying a hike in lush Swiss valleys, you can enjoy the diverse pleasures of Switzerland even better with these Swiss Travel Guidebooks.

Frommer's Switzerland

Frommer's Switzerland includes the Best Swiss Hiking & Ski Resorts, plus the most dramatic drives. Frommer's guide is terse and to the point. Often you'll need a car to follow directions to neighboring villages.
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Hunter Travel Guides Adventure Travel to Switzerland

The Adventure Travel to Switzerland guidebook weighs in at 528 pages, enough to get you to the little known parts of Germany. The focus of the adventure guide series is on outdoor activities, and Switzerland is THE place in Europe to be outdoors.
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Insight Guide to Switzerland

If you're just dreaming about going to Switzerland, buy this guidebook. Guide to Switzerlands sites by region, a travel tips section with essential contact addresses and numbers and the guide includes hundreds of photographs and 20 maps.
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Michelin Green Guide to Switzerland

The highly rated Green Guide to Switzerland is very useful for those wishing to visit the smaller villages of Switzerland. Lots of well-drawn maps are included.
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Rick Steves' Switzerland

The latest Switzerland only guidebook from travel writer and PBS star Rick Steves.
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Switzerland Without A Car

Switzerland has a huge public transportation network--you can even get to some of the smallest towns by Swiss postal bus. So, if you're contemplating vacationing in Switzerland without a car, this is the guide written for you.

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