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Holland New Herring Festival Pictures

Celebrating the Hollandse Nieuwe in Vlaardingen, Netherlands


In the old days, the arrival of the Hollandse Nieuwe in late spring was awaited with joy tempered by concern.. How large would the catch be? And what would be the quality of the green herring? Would the fish be big and fat, and provide enough nutrition, or small and lean? As soon as the boat was moored, the new herring was offered for approval to the authorities and traders gathered at the quayside to welcome the fishers. In the fishing town of Vlaardingen, Holland's traditional herring town, just downriver from Rotterdam, this ritual is reenacted every spring. Perhaps these photos, taken last June, can convey the humor and excitement of this age-old event. (From Celebrating the Hollandse Nieuwe in Vlaardingen)

Text by Peter Melville. Pictures by Mirjam Pronk.

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herring festival, picture, crowdVlaardingen Herring Festival; a crowd gathers.herring, ship, pictureCatching Sight of the Herring Boat at the Vlaardingen Herring FestivalVlaardingen Herring Festival Picture, herring, fesivalTaking Delivery herring festival pictureMatrons look on as cabin boys and salty dogs sample the herring.
herring, Vlaardingen, picture, festival, Hollandse NieuweThe first keg is unloadedherring, tail, picture, herring festivalThe MC holds a smoking gun: the tail of a freshly consumed herring.Vlaardingen Herring Festival PictureTo the Queen! And Quickly!herring festival, picture, cleaning herringVlaardingen Herring Festival: Final Cleaning of the Herring
herring festival picturesA familiar sight all over Holland once the new herring has arrived.
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