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Seeing Tulips in Holland

The Best and Easiest Way to Observe Tulips Blooming in Holland


You think of two things when you think of Holland: wooden shoes and tulips. Today, tulips win out, and thousands of tourists come to the Netherlands to see them. Here are some quick tips for seeing fields of the colorful flowers.

When is the best time to see the Tulips in Holland?

Tulips usually bloom between late April and the middle of May. The actual time is quite dependent upon weather. It might be helpful to follow sites like Veldheers, which grows tulips and hosts visitors and tulip festivals.

Where can I go to see Tulips Bloom?

The most popular place in Holland to see tulips bloom is Keukenhof Gardens (Official Website).

You can also visit the tulip fields of Noord-Holland (North Holland) and Sassenheim, just north of Leiden.

More Information on Seeing Tulips in Holland

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