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Top 7 Rail Guides for Europe - Train Guidebooks


Riding the rails in Europe isn't difficult, but planning well will save you precious vacation minutes. Especially if you're planning to use a Eurail pass that offers discounted travel for a limited number of days, good train planning can save you lots of Euros.

1. Paris - Lille - Brussels: The Bradt Guide to Eurostar Destinations

Laurence Phillips shares 1000 places to go along the Eurostar routes. The book has earned rave reviews from everyone. You'll read things like, "Don't read this book when you are hungry. the food descriptions will make you drool." Even the back cover chimes in with, "All this plus learn to tango in a chocolate shop, sleep in Gothic splendor under the flying buttresses of a 16th-century church or sip green tea and have a Turkish bath in the mosque where a Hollywood goddess married her prince."
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2. Europe By Rail

Formerly called Independent Traveller's Europe by Rail, this is the updated version published by Thomas Cook.
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3. Thomas Cook Rail Map

Color-coded maps of European train routes with over 6000 cities and towns.
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4. Europe by Eurail 2009

For an efficient use of most Eurail passes, you'll look for hubs to make multiple trips out of, or you'll look for long journeys to take on the day you choose to use your pass. This book has accurate time tables and information on local tourism information.
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5. Frommer's Europe by Rail

Highly recommended by Ed Perkins, "For rail travel in Europe, Frommer's guide is best." Not only trains and train routes, but this rail guide reviews accommodations and dining along the train routes as well, plus coverage of shopping and nightlife. And if you're using European trains for the first time, the information on reservations procedures and discount railpasses might be just the ticket, so to speak.
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6. Europe: Major Rail Routes (map)

Michael E. Brown's rail map of Europe is an absolute essential for planning your European rail trip. It gives you travel times between cities and number of trains on the route.
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7. Traveling the Eurail Express

Need to get the most out of a Eurail pass? Here is a book that guides you between Europe's major cities so you can get the most from your pass.
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