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European Transportation - Getting Around Europe

How to get around Europe using cars, buses, trains and airplanes. Tips on finding the best form of transportation between cities and villages in Europe, from renting or leasing a car to traveling with a rail pass.
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Getting Around Cheaply in Europe
Guide to inexpensive transportation in Europe - rideshare and buses as alternatives to flying and taking trains.

How to Get From Munich to Venice
Car, train, and airplane transportation options for getting between Munich, Germany and Venice, Italy on your European vacation, using rental or lease car or public transportation.

Paris to Rome - How to Get From Paris to Rome
How to get from Paris to Rome. The Paris to Rome route can be covered by bus, train, car, and airplane.

Europe by Train - Planning your Trip by Rail in Europe
Below you'll find information on planning your European vacation by rail, from the transportation decision making process to buying tickets and rail passes.

Europe's rail system is extensive--and the trains are getting faster all the time, in order to compete with budget airlines. My preference, when I'm not driving around in the countryside, is biased toward trains over airlines. The seat…

Are Buy Back Car Leases better than Car Rental in Europe?
Buy Back leases offer a good alternative to renting a car in Europe for 17 days or more. The pros and cons of the French buy back lease are compared to traditional car rental in Europe.

Gas Prices in Europe - European Gasoline and Diesel Prices
Gas prices will have a bearing on your European vacation budget. Get the latest gas and diesel fuel prices, learn how to save money on gas and diesel fuel.

Driving in Europe: Rent or Lease?
Here are some considerations you'll need to take into account when you decided on a driving vacation in Europe. If you're staying over 17 days, a lease or buy-back program gets you a brand new car and can save you money as well.

Is it better to take the train or drive a car in Europe?
Is there a best way? Depends on what you want to see and how much effort you want to put into navigation. Here are some considerations for each type of transportation.

Save on Europe Transportation - Rent a Turbo Diesel
Diesel cars in Europe are efficient and quicker than you might think, and diesel fuel is widely available and often quite a bit cheaper than gasoline. Check out this feature and save on your vacation transportation.

Buying Your Car in Europe - Take A Free (Vacation) Ride
Mark Kahler teaches you the ins and outs of having your European car delivered in Europe so you can use it on vacation, then have it shipped home for a savings in cost and what amounts to a free rental car.

International Ferries
Youra International Ferry Listings has ferry information for all of Europe and other continents.

rec.travel.europe FAQ
Here's where to look if you're traveling to europe for the first time. Answers many questions from VAT refunds to transportation issues. Also a good section on how to phone home.

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