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Internet Access on Airlines - The Web on Your Flight


Please Note:Connexion by Boeing is no longer in service.

Late in 2004, Lufthansa began an interesting project called FlyNet® technology with the help of Connexion by Boeing: Bringing internet access to its long distance flights. Today, Lufthansa offers many flights to Europe serviced by satellite internet connections, with more coming as early as this spring.

Here is a list of flights currently serviced by FlyNet® technology. Lufhansa will has an introduction to high-speed internet on its web site.

So How Well Does Airline Internet Work?

This Slashdot discussion was begun on a Lufthansa flight and is all about the service. It's not blazingly fast, but you're in an airplane lumbering along to Europe or the US--I figure a slight wait is tolerable.

Internet Access in the Air at a Price

Slashdotters may be slightly negative about the price--$30 per flight, but I'm pretty positive. On long distance hauls, like my 10 hour flight from SFO to Europe, it works out to 3 bucks an hour for work and entertainment of my chosing. Not a bad way to spend your time in a seat designed for a kneeless, undersized contortionist.

Other Participating Airlines

Right now, only Scandinavian Airlines, Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, and Lufhansa offer somewhat spotty Internet access on their flights.

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