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Travel Europe through pictures. Pictures of European landscapes, architecture, and travel destinations. European photo galleries from accomplished photographers.
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Sony Handycam HDR-TG1 Camcorder Review
A professional review of the Sony Handycam HDR-TG1 Camcorder. Is the HDR-TR1 the perfect travel camcorder?

The Photojournalist's Notebook: Selected, Annotated Travel Pictures
Travel pictures from European travels. The photojournalist's notebook of interesting travel pictures.

Top Travel Photographer Gear
Here's a list of my top travel photography gear: camera, lenses, pocket camera, camera backpack, and memory.

Photo Backpacks with Notebook Computer Compartments
Top backpacks for your photo equipment and your notebook computer, if you wish.

European Travel Photography Index - Europe for Visitors
An index of all travel pictures on Europe for Visitors.

A Wanderer's Musings on the Balance of Light and Dark
A photo essay on the balance of light and dark--in black and white photography as well as in life.

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