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Trier - Travel and Tourism Information for Trier, Germany

Trier is Germany's oldest city, and still features Roman remains. Trier is an attractive town with a pedestrianized center in western Germany. River trips along the Moselle are popular. Also popular in Trier is cycling along the banks of the Moselle and Saar.

Trier Guide - Visit the Oldest City in Germany
What to see and do in Trier, Germany.

Trier Juxtapositions - Roman Trier
A city is the sum of its constructions. Trier is peppered with Roman architecture that imposes itself on the city. Pictures of Roman and modern Trier

Trier Hotels
User reviewed and rated hotels in Trier, Germany from Venere.

Hotel Klosterschenke - Trier Hostel
The hotel consists of 24 beds in 11 restored rooms.

City of Trier
The tourist office has expanded its English language offerings recently, and now features an extensive compendium of news and things to do in Trier.

Trier--Germany's Oldest and "Most Splendid City"
John Dornberg gives much needed information on Trier, a town many tourists and guidebooks ignore.

Trier Today
Events in Trier--a good interacted calendar of events in Trier.

Trier Attractions
A great list of the things to see and do in Trier, Germany. Also see the Tours and Hikes page.

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