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Trier, Germany - Roman and Modern Juxtapositions


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Trier and its antiquities
Kaiserthermen Picture Trier germany

Kaiserthermen Picture - Trier Germany

James Martin
Trier is billed as Germany's oldest city because of the Roman ruins scattered throughout. Augusta Treverorum, later called Trier, was founde around 16 B. C. by Emperor Augustus. In the third century, as the region was developing into an early Christian center, Emperor Diocletian made Treviri, as Trier was called, a Roman imperial residence and capital of the West Roman Empire.

Still standing from this era are the Porta Nigra, a massive Roman gate and fortification, the Amphitheater, and three thermal baths. A Rome Ticket (Eintrittspreise Kombiticket) gets you into all the Roman attractions for € 6.20. You can buy it at the Tourist Information office at the Porta Nigra.

The Roman antiquities are best seen during the off-season, because by the middle of June they are being prepared for the outdoor performance season, with all the modern metalwork that implies.

The pictures in this series show views of the antiquities with the "modern" city of Trier showing through.

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