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Turkey Gulet Cruise Pictures

What's it like to sail the coast of Turkey? Find out with our pictures.


Peter Sommer of Peter Sommer Travels was kind enough to send along some action pictures from a few of the Gulet Cruises his travel company runs along the coast of Turkey. If this looks like fun, you might want to check out his site: Peter Sommer Travels.

Turkey is a wonderful place to visit well-preserved ancient sites. The spice markets will astound you. Have fun looking at the pictures, and be sure to check out the resources for visiting Turkey below the pictures.

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 turkey gulet cruisesThe Gulet Cruising Turkeyturkey gulet cruisesDiving from the Gulet in Turkeyturkey gulet cruisesHere's Where the Tour Gets Fed, The Stern of the Guletturkey gulet cruisesLunch on the Turkish Gulet Tour
turkey gulet cruisesPicture of the Roman Nymphaeum at Sagalassosturkey gulet cruisesVisiting an Ottoman Castle on a Gulet Cruise of Turkeyturkey gulet cruisesWalking the Lycian Wayturkey gulet cruises, termessusThe Ancient Theater of Termessus
turkey gulet cruisesThe Gulet Plying the Turkish Coast Near Ancient Cariaturkey gulet cruisesWhy Take an Expensive Gulet Cruise When You Can Just Swim Behind The Gulet?turkey gulet cruisesSwimmers in a Cove in Turkeyturkey gulet cruisesTour group visits a Tomb in Fethiye
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