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Top Turkey Travel Blogs

Blogs from Turkish Expats and locals keep modern travelers up to date


This fall we're planning a trip to Istanbul. In years past, we'd buy a printed travel guide and maybe hunt around the net for information--static pages that reflected the publicist's sensibilities. Today, more and more, we look to blogs to tell us the latest hot spots and where to get the best food. Why not? They're up to date guides written by folks passionate about the place they've landed in. So here are my picks of blogs that will give you the insider's view of Turkey and especially the exotic city that spans two continents, Istanbul.

1. Istanbul Trails

A pretty complete guide to Istanbul which uses the increasing power of blog software to blur the lines between a traditional web site and blog. It's both--or either. Good overview of Istanbul for the beginner.

I eagerly feasted on the article "Is Eating Istanbul's Street Food a Wise Idea or Living Dangerously?" having spent three days near a toilet after eating street food on the west coast of Turkey. I was glad it wasn't a "go ahead, no problem" article. It actually pointed out the food that's not a good idea to eat on the street, although one could anticipate problems with Çiğ köfte: "raw meat, kneaded by hand for hours, seasoned with plenty of spices. A delicacy, but not when sold on the streets."

2. Istanbul Eats

Need an up-to-date dining guide to Istanbul? Well, here it is. Not just a blog, you can buy a book about the culinary backstreets of Istanbul and take an Istanbul Eats Walk:

"Our walks lead visitors on an eating binge through Istanbul’s lesser seen historic side streets and the authentic markets of the city."

This is something I'd look into!

3. Istanbul through my eyes

Are you a visual Traveler? This daily photo blog gives you a different view of Istanbul every day.

4. Blog by blog guide to … Istanbul

Benji Lanyado looks to blogs to find that latest on Istanbul's best districts.

5. The Foods of Turkey

Find out not only about restaurants in Turkey, but Turkish restaurants and food elsewhere in the world--places you might like to go before a trip, just to taste. They'll also arrange culinary tours if you're planning a trip to Turkey.

6. The Turkish Life

Thoughtful mussings and pictures from Jennifer Hattam in Istanbul. Evocative writing focuses on the little things that make life in a foreign country differently interesting.

7. Turkish Cultural Foundation

Find out all about what's behind that things you see in Turkey as a tourist, from the architecture and the great Turkish architects to the music and great songwriters and composers. There's also a list of Turkish festivals held throughout the world.

8. Not Really a Blog but a...Turkey Travel Planner by Tom Brosnahan

Mr. Brosnahan is about as passionate about showing you around Turkey as anyone I can think of. He's got all bases covered on a site that has ballooned in size over the years to over 5000 pages.

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