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Pictures from the Vatican Museums

Join us for a short virtual tour of the art treasures in the Vatican Museums


Vatican Museums hold a wealth of the world's greatest art treasures, and are a must on the tourists itinerary to Rome and Italy.

The Vatican Museums started with a a few sculptures collected by Pope Julius II in the 14th century; today the Vatican Museums are a huge complex of pontifical museums and galleries, and the collection of modern art is continuing today. Check our Vatican Museums resources for more on the wealth of museums inside Vatican City.

The best time to avoid visiting the Vatican museums is, of course, summer, when throngs of people clog the immaculate painted passageways on their way to the Sistine Chapel. Stopping can seem like a risk of one's life or limb. November through February is the best time to visit, and the weather in Italy dictates that these are the optimal months to be inside doing museum things.

You can purchase tickets to the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel in advance from Select Italy (buy direct).

Join us for a very short virtual tour of the Vatican Museums. Click each picture to see it larger.

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vatican museums picture, hall, hallway, decoratedPicture of a Vatican Museums Hallwaybronze statue, vatican museum picturePicture of a huge bronze statue in the Vatican Museumvatican museums, picture, bathtub, batican museum picturePicture of a huge bathtub in the Vatican Museums.vatican museum picture, porphyry sarcophagus, porphyry sarcophagus picturePorphyry Sarcophagus Picture - Vatican Museums
Vatican Museum Picture, trompe l'oeil, ceilingPicture of ceiling detail in the Vatican Museumsvatican museums, picture, dome, painted, vatican museum picturePicture of one of many domes in the Vatican Museums.venice map, vatican, hall of mapsMap of Venice - Vatican Museum Hall of Maps - Gallery of the Geographical Maps
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